FARREB Italian History

Among the green hills of Veneto, in the heart of Vadobbiadene, a city dedicated to the eyewear sector as well as to the enogastronomics flavors, eyewear over 40 years ago Vittorio Berra founded his company to produce sunglasses and optical frames. Always oriented to costumer satisfaction, design and respect for health,Vittorio Berra grows and brings collections characterized by original style and stong temperament throughout the world.
Today 2017, Federica Berra flanked by her dad, creates a new extraordinary collection, recognizable with the FARREB brand, F as FEDERICA followed by the surname Berra written in reverse.
Once again, the Berra’s family, an indispensable benchmark in the fashion world, amazes us,able to combine past and present in a timeless style.
The new FARREB collection will know how to talk about itself.
Middle East, Far East United States, South Africa and Europe.
FARREB in already marked by its unmistakable style.

 Made in Italy Since 1996